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Looking to improve the cornering
& stability of your vintage or classic car?

Transform the handling of your vintage
or classic car with Intrax.

Specialist shock absorbers & springs suitable for vintage and classic car racing engineered to the highest of standards. The very latest in
suspension (damper) technology to reduce roll and increase performance & comfort…with a classic look in keeping with the period look of the car.

Dampers are probably the single most important factor of a cars handling performance, so trust intrax technology with 30 years intensive experience in the field of high end suspension to transform your car’s performance.

Made in Holland and now available in the UK from Classic World Racing.

Specialist Intrax distributors & installers based in the heart of the

Onsite or In-house Assessment Available

Custom “build to order” dampers with expert appraisal & specification
from Classic World Racing.

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Lowering Spring Kits
The entry level of car suspension upgrades, these spring kits give an
instant upgrade of the handling of the standard car. Road holding,
cornering, steering and stability can be greatly improved.

RS Replacement Shocks with Springs
The next step up in improving your car’s suspension, upgrading the
damping and Springs, gives full control over the handling of the car.
springs can be exchanged and adjusted to control the comfort and height of the car.

RSA Shocks
By introducing the ability to adjust the compression and rebound damping, RSA shocks give the driver the choice between comfort or race track settings.

High tech suspension at an affordable price. An external nitrogen reservoir as well as high quality internals for damping guarantees a
perfect ride under all conditions. Ideal for reliable street use as well as
track use.

A perfect entry level suspension solution for racing. A modular, custom
built, high performance suspension solution that dramatically improves a race car’s handling and competitive edge.

The ultimate in racing suspension with 3 way adjustable compression as well as adjustable speed, rebound, length and spring-preload. Fully
modular custom build by hand.

Call the workshop today to discuss your requirements
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